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Well, everything is on hold for the time being, but I hope to see you soon. Please keep well, and protect those who might be particularly vulnerable to the epidemic.

For the last couple of years (plus) I've been holding forth on the subway platforms in Boston, particularly the Porter Sq. station on the Red Line, with bits and pieces pretty much made up on the spot, and all of that has stopped as of now, so instead I'll be posting a new improvisation of some sort every week for the duration of the virus troubles. All very simple, but I hope you enjoy:

electric #1

electric #2

thoughts on racism (no music, but a few ideas on the lack of any justification for discrimination)

electric #3

electric #4

electric #5

electric #6 (john abercrombie)

electric #7

electric #8

electric #9

acoustic #1

acoustic #2

Meanwhile, here's a look at the possible cover for the new CD: