Dana Westover is a composer/performer who
currently makes his home in the Boston area. The music he
plays is an unusual and unique synthesis of words and sound, songs influenced by many styles.

From a childhood in southeastern Kentucky to a long stint as a performer in his previous home Montreal, Dana has made it his business to listen to and absorb music from every discipline. He has written scores for theater and film, and has worked for the last 30+ years as a radio announcer.
(Catch his show "Odyssey" online at sundays at 2
:00 PM EST)

Dana also booked and mixed most of the shows at Johnny D's in Somerville MA for the best part of 30 years. 

"Penetrating writing...etherial guitarwork based on solid jazz underpinnings."               -Pierce Pettis

An interview with Psychedelic Baby Magazine (!) on an earlier album: